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Sail is up,wind is ready-2020


We are here to announced that our ShangHai in-ou agro Science Co.,Ltd has successfully completed the registration and demonstration work of our new Triazole fungicide product in 2020. And we will begin the next stage of the work.



In-ou has been working on the development of this new product since 2015, and this new product belongs to triazole fungicides. It has many years of application experience in foreign markets, especially in the Europe, but it’s the first time to apply this fungicide in China, and we believe that it will take the main market in the future.


Currently, Our technical team have already done a lot of efficacy trial test on many kind crops. For example, Wheat, Corn, Tomato and Grapes. Their test results show that our new triazole product have good effects on some disease. Now, we mainly focus on the wheat disease, there are three kind diseases, Wheat rust, powdery milldew and Head Blight. These three main disease on wheat always cause damage in china. And meanwhile our new product have good control on these three kind diseases, so we began to do the demonstration work on it.  



According to the requirements of the Institute Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture,P.R.China. The new product should do the demonstration trial test in China. And the test was arranged by the National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center, they organized the test at plant protection stations across the country. The specific test distribution is shown in the figure below:


After the National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center gave us the distribution list, to make sure the we can follow up the test process in real time, our technical team get in touch with the study director immediately.


Generally speaking, the test is going very well, and in many test sites our new products shows obvious effect. However, due to the corona-virus disease 2019, we can’t share with the local distributor and farmers about the good effect on wheat disease immediately, and a lot of meeting have to canceled.


According to the work of our technical team and the feedback from plant protection stations, our new triazole product have good effect on these three kind main disease. Especially when you use the product to control the wheat rust, it only need takes 3g(A.i)/mu, which means high-efficiency and use low-volume. The test data and field performance are shown in the figure below.




And for the wheat disease of Head Blight, when using the new product to control it, the best time will be at the wheat early flowering stage. According to the wheat ear data measured by the instrument, which the  wheat samples take from by our teams before the harvest. Confirmed that using our new triazole product can control the occurrence of the Head blight effectively. meanwhile it can reduce the vomit-toxin content Significantly, and the antitoxin content data that test by ourselves is much lower than the Chinese government asked. Compare with others product that claim can control the Head Blight, our new triazole product only need use 5g(A.i)/mu which have proved it will have good effect, and much better than them. The data and field performance are shown in the figure below.







As for the Wheat powder milldew, when using the new product to control it, also need use 5g(A.i)/mu, if the application time can move forward, 4g (A.i)/mu also can take good control of the disease. The data  are shown in the figure below.



In addition, according to the data given by plant protection stations that  responsible for our new triazole product demonstration trial. Their yield test data proved that most of the test sites can harvest 20% more per mu. Even in the Henan province,which the reduction in yield grain is the most serious in all the test sites, the test plot used our new product is still good.     We conclusion that the product not only can control these three main diseases of wheat effectively, but also can promote the growth of wheat, which means the product can increase the yield grain.






The above are the trial results and some data of our new triazole product on wheat disease. We will keep working on the development of this new triazole product, more and more applications are being developed in next year, we believe that this new product will take the most part of the fungicide market in the near future.