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Inou team attend the 36th China plant protection information exchange & pesticide and sprayer facilities fair


During the 36th China plant protection information exchange & pesticide and sprayer facilities fair, in order to introduce our new triazole product, In-ou technical team and Sales team went to Chongqing together. Our product have proved that have good control on wheat rust, the product not only can control wheat disease effectively, but also can promote the growth of wheat, which means the product can increase the yield grain.




The efficient and precision effect has been fully affirmed and proved in the demonstration trials around the country in recent years. And it is perfect fit with the words“Agriculture cannot be strengthened without disaster prevention and reduction. Rural beauty is inseparable from green plant protection of energy conservation and emission reduction. Farmers rich, can not do without scientific prevention and control.”which said by the deputy director of the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center.





2020 is a year for the plant protection industry to take the responsibility together, as a new player of plant protection industry, In-ou agro science Co.,Ltd will continue to serve Chinese agriculture.