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Wheat powdery milldew in Jiangsu appears earlier than last year

At present, the wheat in Jiangsu Province has generally entered the jointing stage, the growth process is earlier than the normal year, and slightly later than the previous year. After jointing, with the temperature rising, the wheat enters the rapid growth stage, which means the vegetative growth and reproductive growth go into the same stage.

Recently, affected by the strong cold air, the minimum temperature in the north of the Yangtze River will drop to about 0 ℃ from March 22 to 23, which may cause a certain degree of freezing damage to some elongated wheat, but the degree of freezing damage is not expected to be serious.

Since February 25, there have been more rainy days and less light in the south of Jiangsu, because of the daily overtime is 30% less than previous years and the low temperature. The technical team of our IN-OU company has appeared powdery mildew symptoms in many places, which occurred half a month earlier than the same period in previous years.

The prevention and treatment of wheat powdery mildew is suggested to be taken early. At the same time, the possible freezing injury of wheat should be remedied by adding fertilizer reasonably.